Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Diary Of A Nerdy Chick

Hey everybody, I’m back again this week has been crazy to say the least. Between all the cleaning, and cooking, spending a huge amount a time with the boy and a few unmentionable ordeals, I feel like I need a nap, or maybe even a hibernation for like two weeks. I’m sure I could pull it off since my room is a flippin’ polar ice cap and the boyfriend snores like a bear. Good grief he’s all comfy and I’m shivering so hard the bed is having a nervous breakdown,  I could see my breath and I’m pretty sure my nipples could cut glass. I swear to the gods of nerdom if it’s this damn cold it should snow. Hello, winter wonderland. Come at me!  One can only wish.  This week has been pretty amazing. I have done a ton of cooking for the boy so we know that, that means this little nerdy Christmas whore has burned herself a ton of times. Trust me I did, and each time was followed by a string of profanity. I started one fit of injury with fa-rah-rah-rah…. Why? Because I’m freaking awesome of course. The best part of the week is I am one week closer to my favorite time of the whole year other than Christmas. CHRISTMAS BREAK. I know any of the other college students or  teachers are praying for it too. I know I am because frankly I’m tired of having tiny little rants in my head about how much the assignments suck and everything. I go to school online. I also chose fast track which means my courses are crammed together with no break except for this time of year and it’s for two weeks. Finally, I can tell all my teachers  to have a hot chocolate and a candy cane and shut the hell up….. Okay so maybe not in this universe, but in my head, sure.  No self-respected nerd would ever actually scream that to a teacher, but dear nerd gods, there have been times I have had crazy screaming fits in my head that would probably get me thrown face first into a padded room. I can’t get mad without anybody thinking that it’s just the funniest thing ever. Damn you four foot nine inch tall tiny self, why can’t you get angrier and not place your hand on your hip like a diva. The boyfriend thinks it's hilarious and laughs every time and then no one can take it seriously so I start laughing and then I forget what I was mad about. If it wasn’t irritating I’d call him a genius, but his ego is already so inflated he basically lives in the clouds. He’s even got cocky about gaming with the freakin’ princess of gaming. WHAT on EARTH is wrong with this man.  I taught him how to play Black-Ops and he’s hooked. We’ve gone through my normal spiel on how I game, half naked with Pepsi and junk foods. Surprisingly, I have not weighed four hundred pounds yet. Anyway, I teach him to game and he actually killed me on Black-Ops to accept from anyone else in the room probably would have thought he had invented some crazy appliance or something because the man goes “ Oh, oh what just happened, who’s the bitch now”  I tell you if there was ever a time I wanted to get really angry and ready faced and sweaty it was then. But if I had done that I probably would have been accused of shooting hardcore porn or something and this time if there was a half naked man in there too, it would be so much more realistic. If video games  ever give him boners that might actually happen. Scary thought. Really scary thought!  So the lesson for this week nerds, to combat a snoring significant other steals the covers, party like crazy on your Christmas break which also means checking out the site and the thirteen days of  Christmas starting tomorrow. It's going to be amazing! And finally when life brings you down have some hot chocolate and a candy cane.

The Nerdiest Girl in Existence