Sunday, December 23, 2012

Diary of a Nerdy Chick

Fah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah!  Your favorite nerd is back! Christmas spirit is in full and complete swing. What am I doing right now? Sitting around in PJ’s watching Jim Carrey’s version of The Grinch and of course drinking Pepsi.  Even better? My pajama’s have freaking donuts on them, because I’m just that cool  I’m in such a great mood. I’m incredibly happy and full of Christmas spirit and best part I get to spend it with one  amazing group of people. Excitement and hope for snow fills the air.  Everything is so great. I finally left my house today. I never thought I was going to escape the nerd castle, but alas, I AM FREE. I’ve finally decorated a Christmas tree Of course I was way too damn short to put the topper on but whatever, the topper is awesome it’s a snowflake. Oh and Yeah that’s right did I mention there’s a metric eff ton of candy canes on it…. Four boxes to be exact.  I feel like a fat kid already.  We’re also making a gingerbread house. Decorating is my hobby so of course it was fun and it looks freakin’ amazing because anything I touch turns to gold, but you know, that’s just me. Boyfriend on the other hand is convinced it will look like a candy coated crack house Over the course of the great deal of time I have spent with that man of mine I have learned several new things. He has no artistic ability… none. But among that,,, there’s also this : The Cleveland Show is too hilarious, anyone who hasn’t seen it is absolutely crazy. However my newest addiction to T.V. happened when the boy introduced me to How I Met Your Mother. Good grief that show is AWESOME. I've been watching for three weeks and I’m almost done with season 5. Finally I have a new muse other than Call of Duty which is rather shocking. Everyone should know by now, I have a cat, no it isn’t that cat lady starter kit, but my roommate has that,  mini zoo I tell you. Mini freakin’ zoo. Of course, my cat’s the coolest one in the house.  Anyway, my cat is freakin’weird!  I spent several nights cooking the boy food, or as he likes to say, making him fat. Some of that cooking included onions, which we both love…. Well apparently, my cat does too? Who knew?! She’s odd. Wow, I really do lead a sad life, out of the house for one day and I’m already talking about my cat. Sheez! I’m cat lady! Okay new subject.  Holidays……. Cooking…… oh my stars tomorrow is the day I create all the yummy Christmas sweet treats. I think I love baking too much,   my backside is proof…. But screw it it’s the holidays so that can only mean three things.  Chocolate fudge, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Pecan pie. Oddly, they were all requested by the boyfriends family… I knew they loved me.  Now if I could only get someone to make me some green bean casserole, I’d be the happiest elf-lookalike in the whole dang world. Being a super tall four foot nine this time of year is always the best. I’ve actually had small children approach me asking  where Santa’s workshop is….. That’s always a trip. I mean what do you say?  It goes a little something like this “ Well it’s at the North Pole of course, and the North Pole is extremely close to Colorado! Be good! Then they all run away asking their parents to go to Colorado to give him cookies… gives me a good giggle.  All my Christmas shopping is done, the boyfriend got his present early, so everyone is happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. I've learned a lot this year and will continue to learn. I have some great family, a great best friend and that someone special. This girl is happy.  When in doubt always remember  pajamas are the best thing ever created when you're relaxing. If you’re ever stuck on what to bring to a family gathering, fudge is always a good choice. People will love it, and patrol the kitchen every fifteen minutes. Baking is a great stress reliever when you don’t burn the ever living tar out of yourself, if you do put mustard on it. And finally when your gingerbread house looks like crap, just tell them Helen Keller helped.   Merry Christmas guys and stay tuned for some great stuff.
The Nerdiest Girl in Existence.