Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hall Of Hunks

When a girl thinks of a hot guy she thinks of rippling muscles, maybe a sexy accent and gorgeous eyes. When a nerdy girl thinks of a hot guy, she thinks of lusting after a super hero. I mean come on, what’s hotter than some crime fighting badass that saves the day mixed with all the things every girl loves, muscles, eyes, a nice voice, sharply dressed. Okay, I think I’m drooling. Ladies, it’s time to induct Batman into the Hall of Hunks. Batman has been played by several people over the course of the years. There’s the 1966 Batman played by Adam West all the way up to Batman’s most recent appearance in the movie The Dark Knight Rises where Batman was played by the drool worthy and incredibly talented Christian Bale.  Most every nerdy girl has a massive lady boner for one dude. This Batman has the total package. Incredibly gorgeous, strong-willed man with smarts by day, super sexy kick ass Batman when the Bat Signal races across the sky. One of the sexiest things about Batman is his has no real powers like most superhero’s do. He can’t even fly. The reason he kicks so much ass is because he’s smart and strong. Let’s face it, if Bane decided to suddenly kidnap me, and Batman came to save the day. I wouldn’t know whether to be happy I’m not dead, or if I would be too aroused by a man in black spandex to save the day. Batsuit or not the man is killer gorgeous and he could take me to his Bat Cave anytime, just as long as trusty side kick Robin is nowhere to be found. I want that gorgeous hunk of Superhero all to myself. So next time you fellow nerdy chicks are lusting after someone remember a man in a black Batsuit with a ripply  six pack, crazy smarts, tons of gadgets, eyes that could pierce into your soul. I wouldn’t mind dressing up as a villain and letting him kick me around and use his gadgets on me…. I mean uhhh… that man is so smart… Batman is one of the most popular heroes in the DC Universe. He has comic books, games, cartoons, as well as live action movies and any other merchandise a person could want or think of. The movies The Dark Knight and the newest The Dark Knight Rises are movies that will surely make any respectable nerdy girl lust after the cunning man in black spandex. Action packed movies, full of explosions that will leave you on the edge of your seat, or in my case on the edge of the bed, crime fighting, and a sexy man that can out smart any jerk on the block.  I will forever say Batman is my favorite superhero ever. If Batman ever decided to rock my world, I’d be all for the trip to the Bat Cave, just remember don’t forget the Bat-condoms.