Sunday, December 09, 2012

Retro Music Video 12/9

December marks the start of the most wonderful time of year, that’s right folks, Christmas is well on the way. In fact, it’s almost time for the wonderful thirteen days of Christmas here at The Buzz Kill Blog. For most of us Christmas means time with family even the ones you don’t really like. Family visiting means one thing for fellow college students cleaning the freaking house like a mad woman.  So, the other day I was doing my typical embarrassing dance around the house and clean ordeal when my phone rings. It was a friend of mine I have had since high school…. Ah, High School those were the days. Football games, secrets, junk food, the ability to stay up late and not feel like a zombie the next morning and of course the sleepovers and dances. Sleepovers were the best, scary movies laughing till you nearly pee, making up dances to your favorite songs and the weird experimental gay phase you go through.  I made up so many dances to ridiculous songs. Nothing is better than standing in your mirror with your best friend in your pajamas with your hair held up on top of your head belting out some awesome music. In reality we looked ridiculous and we found out the hard way that pajamas are not the best dance clothes when I ripped mine while attempting the splits. Also, hairbrush microphones can leave your mouth rather hairy, but everyone needs a little roughage. But in our heads, my room was a stage, my bed was a trampoline, and my hairbrush was the best microphone that ever existed. Talk about a feeling that can leave you high in the clouds. I still listen to this song and yet it still makes me high. Toni Braxton was one of the most talented artists of her time, she’s beautiful and her voice can carry in a room. Every note the woman sings is damn near genius. I can’t decide who is hotter Toni Braxton or my boyfriend in my bed sporting the ever popular whip cream bikini. Either way, “You’re making me high, baby, baby, baby, baby.”