Monday, December 17, 2012

Retro Music Video (Christmas #2)

So it’s day five of the thirteen days of Christmas here at The Buzz Kill headquarters and I must say it’s getting rather festive up in here. I feel pretty great lots of sugar plums and gingerbread men dancing around in my head, but that’s mostly because I’m in love with the taste of that little gingery man, and all of the other Christmas like sweet treats. Pretty soon the HQ will be filled with nothing but Christmas lights, fudge, and coffee, because let’s face it we love that stuff.  I’ve also got a ton of other things dancing in my head and no it isn’t Magic Mike or even Channing Tatum. Okay so maybe that takes up a little space. However, most importantly, it’s memories of holiday’s past. Remember waking your parents up at the butt crack of dawn, they are off praying for coffee, and you’re just sitting in front of the tree trying to get away with being all sneaky and shaking the presents. I swear my mother had eyes in the back of her head, the moment I went to shake the carefully wrapped box I got a resounding “ be patient let everyone wake up” In my head I’m like “ What is wrong with you woman who has time to wait its Christmas. Alas, one of my favorite Christmas memories is always decorating the tree. The moment that tree went up was when it really became Christmas time, but I had to be patient for that too, and anyone that knows me knows I have no patience. I should really work on that. The day finally came. We were going to decorate the tree. We had fluffed out the tree, it was time for lights. The lights took forever! Mostly because they were nothing but a giant cluster of cords and lights that were thrown into a box and came out looking like a rather festive hot mess. Geez! One thing we always did while decorating the tree is listen to music and have hot chocolate. Those were the days! My families musical taste changes year after year, but the same classics are always important from Nat King Cole to several others. My mother, my aunt and I all have a special place in our hearts for the artist Mariah Carey from dancing in the car to her greatest hits, to belting it out when cleaning house, to being crazy and jumping around with family while her Christmas music plays.  We would always play her Christmas album and dance around sharing jokes and being silly. As a kid you have memories that stay with you forever, and let’s not forget that ever so long list for Santa. Mine up until I was about eleven always included a baby in my head. “Baby All I Want for Christmas is You” meant a delightful little doll. Seeing as how I’m now old, and I’ve had a few years to truly understand the song. I just want to say a single super cliché’ thing  for that someone special. “Baby All I Want for Christmas is You”


Richard Pruitt said...

I know I normally don't comment on pieces on here but I have to tell you, that I don't need any gift this Christmas. I have you and that is all I need.