Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Sports Talk

It has been a week that has left you scratching your head, bowing your head, and thinking long and hard about how precious life is. That is what this week in sports has given us. This is an all new Sports Talk.

I am originally from a town about and hour south of the Kansas City area. If there is one thing that was very strong in a lot of peoples' lives, it is Kansas City Chiefs football. This past weekend the Chiefs has a black eye put on the franchise when 25 year old linebacker Jovan Belcher took the life of his girlfriend and then his own in the parking lot of the training facility at Arrowhead Stadium. A lot of rumors have been spread as to why this tragedy happened and we are not going to go into details as to what they are. However, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected by this. In the midst of all the news and press around the events of Saturday morning, The Chiefs came out on Sunday and put up one hell of a performance against the Panthers. It was an amazing show of heart and what the human spirit can do.

Two huge college football vacancies were filled today. Arkansas and Auburn both were in desperate need of a leader. A guy who can take them to the promised land in the SEC. Let's start with the Razorbacks. John Smith completely butchered the season for the Hogs. They went from National Title Contender for National Joke. The Hogs had the worst season they have had since 2008. The answer was finding a replacement who could be a guy who will win. They hired Bret Bielema. I know what most of you are thinking. Who is that? Bret Bielema was the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers. He has led the Badgers to three consecutive Rose Bowl appearances. I know a lot of Hog fans are not happy with the choice coming out of Fayetteville but I have a number for you that could be a changing of the guard in the SEC. Wisconsin has had a top 25 defense for the past 4 seasons. Compared to Arkansas under John Smith and Bobby Petrino, Arkansas Defense only placed in the top 50 once in the past 4 seasons. The numbers don't lie. This guy will be a great fit at the U Of A.

The second head coaching position that was highly sought after being Auburn. In 2010 the Tigers took home the National Championship. What a fall from grace for Auburn finishing the 2012 season with a record of 3-9. Who do they go out and get? Their former offensive coordinator and head coach of The Arkansas State Red Wolves. A great snag for Auburn who is in desperate need of a leadership. Gus Malzahn took the Red Wolves to a 9-3 record and the Sun Belt conference title. No arguments from me as to why Auburn wanted him but this does bring up a very interesting question. Is Arkansas State a stepping stone for guys who want to head coach in the SEC? Last year Hugh Freeze left A-State to take the job at Ole Miss University. Is this what is going to become a college program that is on the brink of possibly being something special? This is the second year in a row the Red Wolves have been to a Bowl Game, and the second year they have won the Sun Belt. If they are to ever want to become an elite small school team they are going to have to figure out how to keep a winning coach.

Speaking of bowl games, the bowl games were announced on Sunday afternoon. No surprise that the National Title Game would be between Notre Dame and Alabama. There was one shock in the BCS rankings. The Discover Orange Bowl. Florida State will pay Northern Illinois. Kirk Herbstreet of ESPN said that this was a joke. All for the small schools getting a chance to play in BCS Games. I think it's special for the school and special for the kids playing the games. Is it going to to be a joke if Northern Illinois pulls the upset over one of the top ranked teams in the country? Let's hope that this game will be just as special as the Boise State Oklahoma game from a few years back.