Friday, December 07, 2012

The Worst Christmas Gift Ever Contest

During the 13 Days of Christmas, You are going to find out what the writer's worst gift they ever received for Christmas was, well that lit a light bulb over our heads like we were part of an old Road Runner and Coyote cartoon. We wanted to hear what your worst Christmas gift was. Today begins The Worst Christmas Gift Ever Contest. Become a fan of us on Facebook, and tell us what the worst gift you ever got to open. Those gifts that made you shake your head and wonder why. Example, have you ever been given a pink bunny suit like in A Christmas Story or did you get a magical sweater with a blinking Rudolph nose. Tell us what you were given, if you have pictures throw those in as well. December 24th will be the last day to enter. We will announce the winner on Christmas Day. If you win, you will get a T-shirt and a Coffee Mug. Become a Fan Of us on Facebook and share your horrific Christmas gifts to win big on this Holiday season.