Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Very Special PSA

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog take great pride in warning you before you do something stupid. We are kind of like your mother on a very cold day. "Remember to put your coat on Billy or you will catch a cold." Then you just buck up and decide to be a rebel and not wear your coat. Two days later you are lying in bed with a cold and the worst case of Syphilis any doctor has ever seen. Karma is a cruel bitch. You should take these words to heart and not end up letting this happen to you or becoming this person. Ladies and Gentleman, A Very Special Public Service Announcement.

There you are sitting in your bedroom minding your own business, just watching something stupid on Netflix. All of a sudden your phone goes off. You get a text message. Your heart jumps thinking  it is from someone special but instead it's from the person that lives in the same house as you. Why would someone you live with text you something when they are just one room over? Their reason for not talking to you is cause they will get pissed off and go off on you cause they have a problem with dealing with people. How in the fuck can you have a problem dealing with people and you live in a house with people. If you want an example, this is the type of person that would you take to Wal Mart and after you put all the stuff in the cart you need, you head to check out line and they start freaking out cause talking to someone is going to be the end of the world. They clutch their chest pretending to have a melt down while the woman in line behind says to her husband, must have been a home school kid. If you are not able to deal with people maybe it is time to look in the mirror and realize that it might be time reevaluate life. If you are actually going to live with someone make sure that you can talk to them. It's not difficult. You move your lips and a sound comes out. That is how talking works. Using your phone to have a conversation with someone you live with is a cop out. It's time to actually see how the real world works. Cue the more you know graphic!!! I think Randall from Clerks said it best, "I hate people but love gatherings."