Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Advice From A Catfish Target

Hello fellows! This is your Sunshiniest contributor checking in! I’m hangin out inside because of this cold Arkansas weather. 3 days ago it was 70 degrees. Naturally that means there must be some snowpocolypse looming. Welcome to Arkansas.

Did you ever notice how many “players” are online? They’re handsome and slick, but they are also predictable as hell? I tend to be the one they prey on. That sucks for them because I’m kind of a detective in that avenue, and catch them before they can get anywhere near hurting my feelings. I watch Dr. Phil and Dateline; I know what I’m doing. Maybe that’s my calling; online scammer catcher. You ever seen the show “Catfish” on MTV? I think they call it that because the internet is like a stocked fish pond of liars and scammers. I’ve caught 3 in the last week. With this said; I’m going to teach you the signs to look for so that you don’t get sucked into some scam or fake relationship with a non-existent person.
  1. They don’t mention phone calls or texts first. They want you to be as removed from your intuition as possible.

  2. When you mention calling they ‘have to charge their phone’, then leave the house to call you. You can make a phone call with your phone plugged up if you really want to. We all know this. Also, sometimes they’ll refuse/excuse their way out of phone calls. THAT is when they’re usually a fake person altogether. 

  3. Mentions they have a high-tech phone, yet can’t send you a picture.
3A. If they do send you a picture it either looks professional and/or you can always tell someone else took it. Also you can normally notice edits:

Notice how the background is fuzzier than his face. You do that with photo editing programs. Unless you KNOW the person and know they just play with photo editors, ask for more proof.

3B. Real pictures tend to have arms, mirrors, pets, and friends involved:

3C. If you still can’t tell the difference try running pictures through google images.
*images.google.com* there’s a link on the search bar to upload a photo and it’ll run it though and find its match if there is one. That’s how I caught the guy posing as the actor pictured in the first example. Its also how I caught another one that I actually had to get the authorities involved with. Scammers and cheaters HATE getting the light shined on them.

  1. With that said, if they get really defensive or fly off the handle when you ask questions to verify their identity or single status: that’s the be all end all of giveaways. If they have nothing to hide they won’t hide anything. A normal person will gladly snap a picture of your request… ask that the take one with a pet or a hand written dated sign of some kind if you’re not completely sure. I did have one get so irate and stupid about it I wound up having to call the cops to get him to stop. If you threaten to turn them in for harassment, follow through. They really don’t want the cops involved , but just a phone call from a cop is usually enough to get them to leave you alone.
  1. Sometimes they are really a real person using their own identity. They’re not always using their real relationship status though. The internet is a playground for cheaters and liars. Its also a breeding ground for idiots. They rarely cover their own tracks. Not everyone uses facebook just because they don’t want to, but typically the users and liars do have them and forget that you can find that information. Just look them up on facebook. I did this and found one was “in a relationship” with a rather nice lady. We had a good conversation about what a bad liar her boyfriend is. Some women don’t take it well, but letting them know is a good thing whether you think its your place or not. What they do with the information is up to them, but at least in the future they’ll have their eyes open. They don’t always admit that, but wouldn’t you at least keep the information in your back pocket? I know I would!
  1. They will at the end make an attempt to make it look like it was all you. Don’t take this personally. We all know liars never know when to quit. Just let it roll off, don’t play into it because then you just look defensive. I tend to keep the arsenal full of proof so that if I’m asked by the girlfriend/wife if I have proof (I usually am) I can show them. I know there are women scammers out there too men, so this advice flies for you too.
  1. The old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. Keep that in the front of your mind when getting to know people online. Not everyone is a liar or scammer. I’ve met some of my best friends online. It seems like the more time passes, the more these idiots multiply. Just be cautious. Normally they tell on themselves instantly if you know what to look for and keep your eyes open.
  1. Most importantly: laugh this shit off. Just imagine how much of a loser this guy/girl must be to spend that much time trying to be someone else. You can walk away knowing there’s at least one person in the world more pathetic than you.

With Love,
Sunshine Sparklekitten