Monday, January 21, 2013

Diary of a Nerdy Chick

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Ah, who the heck cares it’s your favorite nerd finally back from the long , long, long hibernation. Let’s just say, life has been crazy. Like tiny girl getting bashed around in giant mosh pit crazy.  From recent posts, most of you know we moved the Buzz Kill headquarters. That being said I no longer live in a small zoo with grumpy folk that sleep all day and leave a trail of pet hair and crumbs behind them…. I live in my own house, with that lovely boyfriend of mine. Let’s just say it’s nice living in my own house. I can keep it squeaky clean and not have to worry about ingesting pet hair every five seconds and I can chill in my underwear. Who the heck doesn’t like snuggling on the couch with ice cream in their underwear? I know I do. My kitchen is huge so I can finally bake and use onions without getting yelled out. All this new kitchen space has inspired a new segment soon to come on the site called “Cooking with a Broke Bitch” I promise to teach you more than just the ways of doctoring up Ramen noodles.   Not only have I cooked a lot, but I’m watching more than Netflix. I have Direct TV. I felt so out of the loop when I turned it on. I almost felt like I had time traveled. There is so much useless crap on television nowadays and yet, I can’t stop watching. Everyone that knows me knows I love sports and I get super into the game screaming and yelling at the TV so I don’t mind when boyfriend does it. But it’s interesting when you’re cleaning and you hear screaming and you rush into the room to find him on the edge of his seat screaming instead of on the floor begging Life Alert to help him up. Mini heart attack? Yes, but it was oh so cute. Another lesson learned when you move into a new house… the house echoes like the grand canyon if you don’t have things on the walls. What’s the point of being as loud as you want when you can actually hear yourself being an idiot… absolutely nothing, that’s what. Just one more lesson kiddos, always remember trash day or you’ll have 4 bags of trash hiding in your laundry room. That’s my laundry room right this very second.  Being in your own house is amazing you can game for hours, which I have done. Literally hours.  I think I worked up a sweat the last time I grabbed a controller. Gaming gets intense, and being as tiny as I am now, I don’t even lift, so lifting a controller, and a laundry basket is the extent of my daily workout. But let’s face it, I adore my life.  There are many lessons learned in life, but you must never forget the ones your favorite tiny little nerd has taught you.  So, always remember,  If your boyfriend likes to scream at the TV start a Bayer Aspirin regimen to avoid heart attacks. Hang things on the wall to avoid that echo. Make sure its super cool stuff you hang up though. Get your nerd on. And always take your garbage out to avoid the leaning tower of Hefty in your laundry room. Makes me wonder if mother really does know best.

The Nerdiest Girl in Existence


Anonymous said...

You are so funny nerdy chick!! Best laugh I have had all day and its been one hell of a day!! <3 your work!