Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't Touch That Dial

The last month and a half I have been watching MTV. I know that sounds a little crazy with the quality of programming on that network. I have become addicted to the show Catfish. The girlfriend is addicted to Snooki and JWOW. She is also a fan of the show Buckwild. Think of Jersey Shore meets Jerry Springer. The last month of these shows, I kept seeing a promo for a new talk show that was debuting on their network. Nikki and Sara Live. Having some reservations after seeing the promos can only be natural. This is the same network that shows teenagers being pregnant. The bar is set pretty low. Last night at 10 P.M. my television was tuned in thinking I was going to get to see a train wreck and get to see it live.

I think before I go any further in this review let us meet the two women that the show is named after. Nikki Glaser is a stand up comic who first came onto the national scene with the ill faded, Last Comic Standing. Sara Schaefer is an upcoming comic that has been named to New York Magazine's, 10 Comics that funny people find funny in 2009. In 2011 Nikki and Sara started a podcast called You Had To Be There. The show took off and MTV came a calling.

We know a little bit more about the women. Last Night, the television was on. I was ready to continue my game of Angry Birds. I was hoping to get to level 3. Well, the show started off with a joke about the one and only Justin Bieber. They now had my attention. They Taylor Swift Snail Joke was not as well received from me and may it was due to the fact it was a sight gag. Some jokes would be a complete hit and others wouldn't but that is the beast of late night TV. However, I think the best part of the night came when they were interviewing Ke$ha. Now, I have my opinion on the woman. She is hot and that is about it. I think Nikki and Sara made her kind of look foolish and got her to play right into their hands with busting her with a couple of jokes. One of those being about Bill Cosby.

The biggest audience for this show is going to be women and there is nothing wrong with that. Late Night Talk Shows for women are scarce to find. The only real one is Chelsea Lately on the E! Network. If you are not a huge fan of that show, I would say give Nikki and Sara Live a chance.

The show did not feel like a waste of 22 minutes of life unlike other Talk Shows I have seen by networks like this. Was the show something of epicness that will change the face of time? No but if you're looking to put a smile on your face from having a rough Tuesday, I don't think you are going to be disappointed.

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