Friday, January 25, 2013

Hall Of Hunks

Have you ever been watching television and seen someone you’re attracted to and then sat there and drooled over them for hours. I know I sure have and I do it over quite a few people which is sad to say. But that’s not the moral of this story. So there I was just minding my own business all wrapped up in blankets with popcorn watching television.  My favorite show was on. We all know that was a good time. Anyone knows the show How I Met Your Mother? It is by far one of my favorite shows ever. So there I was watching it. The characters are all great and making me laugh. One character takes another to buy a suit.  That’s when it hit me…. Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother is freaking gorgeous.  So, with no hesitation I present Marshall Eriksen into the Hall of Hunks He’s the total package, gorgeous, smart, and treats his woman like a queen. Dear God what I wouldn’t give to be on that show. I’d bust up his love interest in the show in hopes that they would replace her with my wonderful self.  Oh Marshall, how you have stolen my heart. Every man looks good in a suit but that man looks good in a football jersey and sweat pants. Hell, he even looks good in goofy hats and ridiculous costumes. Maybe if I put on a ridiculous costume and danced around I could get him to take me to the bedroom. A girl could only hope.  Or maybe, I'll write him a catchy little tune that makes his heart all a flutter.  Or maybe I’ll just pin him down in a bar and have my way then get him a beer. I don’t know my mind is all flustered. If I can keep him happy maybe he’ll actually tell me how Ted meets that blasted wife of his. Its official I'll take one for the team, and by that I mean…. Dance horizontally with my favorite star. Marshall, let me be your favorite Lilly pad.