Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Review Theater 3000

I’ve been huddled close to the TV screen waiting and expecting… hoping that the demonic girl on the ceiling hasn’t noticed me.  The turtle soup did not go over well.  Apparently, turtle soup is NOT like pea soup.  Finally, the TV screen alights the Buzz Kill basement with the calm soothing light of… of… of… Unicorn City?
That’s right folks, Unicorn City.  Not to be mistaken with Spatula City, however these fellow titles would definitely be sister cities of nerdom.   Unicorn City is staring Devin McGinn, Jaclyn Hales, Jon Gries, and Matt Mattson gives the non-gaming community a glimpse in the life of gamers to the extreme and LARPing, where reality ends and total madness ensues.  Voss (McGinn) is not your typical unmotivated unemployed youth.  While attempting to gain employment at Warlocks of the Beach, a gaming company, he is informed he needs not only gaming skills, but leadership skills as well.  Voss, seeking to prove his leadership skills, attempts to become leader of the gaming guild he belongs to.  However, his efforts are thwarted by his arch nemesis Shadowhawk (Gries).
Meanwhile, Marsha (Hales) a fellow gaming enthusiast and hopelessly in love with Voss, attempts to gain his love through their gaming characters.  Voss, however, is too involved in his own self and character to notice her pathetic gestures of love, but finds inspiration in Marsha’s collection and adoration of unicorns.  Once again, for his quest of leadership, Voss announces his plans to create Unicorn City, a utopia for all gamers.  Gathering the members of his previous guild, the company camps away in the middle of nowhere where much hilarity and the strange world of LARPing begin.
Despite the gaming culture, viewers who are non-gamers can appreciate the oddball antics and the desire to trade our real lives for a fantasy.  The movie is odd.  The characters are even stranger, but they are all people we have seen before and finally are given a chance to walk a mile in their shoes and be surprised where those shoes lead us.
Suddenly a brilliant flash and flaming tire tracks appear across the Buzz Kill’s basement ceiling.  The demonic girl hisses and turns her head all the way around, but is suddenly struck by an upside down DeLorean.  Is that a flux capacitor?  Well at least I don’t have to worry about that possessed girl anymore.