Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pardon The Interruption

We interrupt your normal and not so normal pieces to bring you some very special announcements. Not to be confused with the ESPN show with the same name, because that would not make much sense at all. In the past year we have grown from just a few readers to many readers. This has led us to make a decision to turn The Buzz Kill into an online magazine. We debuted our new look before the 13 Days of Christmas. We just kept the ball rolling and now we have our own HQ. The next couple of months is going to see even bigger things coming your way and we are going to tell you what is coming up.

This week will be the return of the most random show on the net. It will be the return of The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast.

We are going to be debuting our newest podcast on Super Bowl weekend. It will be called 4 Downs. It will be a sports related show, complete with all the sporting news and previews of big games. Each episode will be broke up into 4 parts or downs. Each down will have a different topic.  4 in total.

Our lip sync videos get some good laughs but we want more on YouTube. Stay tuned for our very own cooking show and it will be called, Cooking with a Broke Bitch. We will have more details in the coming weeks about this little gem.

Whitney will be returning with her dating advice column. If you have a question that you want to ask The Dating Diva herself, send them to Your questions will be answered every Friday here at The Buzz Kill.

With all of that news, we still have more debuting new writers and all the pieces that you have come to know and love. The next two months are going to be Huge for The Smartest Dumbest Thing On The Net.

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