Monday, January 14, 2013

Retro Music Video (1/14/13)

I think that there are only two words to describe what is about ready to happen. WE'RE BACK. It was a crazy last few days. It has been a little over a week since we have last joined you and let me tell you what has happened. We now have an official headquarters for The Buzz Kill. We have finally made a permanent place for our doings. This will bring you more videos, more podcasts and more pieces about anything else that our twisted minds could come up with. We have learned something very valuable about all of this though. Good God, moving is expensive. I really wish at some point in my life I can find those damn geese that lay the eggs filled with chocolate from the Willy Wonka Movie. I swear we have spent more money on things that make no sense than I ever have in my entire life. I blame the government. Why do deposits have to be so much? 200 bucks to get your electricity turned on. 75 dollars for water and gas. All the money in the pocket if you get a boner at a wrong time. I hope that we do not drown in the sea of Bills Bills Bills.


~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

I really hate that you called this retro. That means we're old.