Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Retro Music Video 1/2/13

What makes a music video become Retro? The first thing is if there is a girl shaking her ass on the hood of some awesome but ugly sports car from the 1980s. Remember Tawny Kitaen? No one else does either unless you are a hardcore Whitesnake fan. The next thing that makes a music video retro, is the fact that someone just discovered how to edit videos. Example, Look at Video Killed The Radio Star.  That video had every cheap effect that a man could ask for and two more that were unwanted. The next thing that makes a video become a Retro is the fact that you feel like you are tweaking on a drug that your parent warned about taking. We look at every video from the 90s on this one. Damn that Blind Melon song. The final way to make a video a retro video is the fact that it is 10 years old. That means that songs from 2003 are now retro and damn it that makes me feel old. Things that happened in the year of 2003: Hell if I know, I have slept since then. Today's song that will take back to the year of 03. This song made me want to slide across the hood of a car like one of the Duke Boys. It also made driving through a corn field to escape police something of a national pastime in Nebraska and Iowa. I knew what I was feeling but What Was I Thinkin'