Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Retro Music Video (1/29/13)

This week is the biggest game of the year, The Super Bowl. Get hyped up with us all week long. Tonight we are presenting the return of our favorite listing piece, The 7s. We are going to look at the 7 worst Super Bowl games since 1990. We are also going to be doing the top 7 Super Bowl ads later this week. The Super Bowl edition of The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast and it all ends on Saturday with the debut of our newest podcast, 4 Downs. We are going to be looking at the 4 biggest topics in sports. The Super Bowl will be the main focus of the first episode as well as college hoops and the NBA.

Have you ever had one of those days that you couldn't wake up? You try drinking a cup of coffee and instead of waking you up, it makes you go to the bathroom more than those guys in those overactive bladder ads. You are taking a leak and yawning at the same time which causes your aim to go in a direction that will get you yelled at by the girlfriend or wife or mother. No one wants to use the bathroom and step in piss. That is not a good way to start the day. How downing one of those 5 Hour energy things? The only thing is I don't want the energy to play ping pong and record my debut album. I hate that commercial so bad. I want to slap that guy right across the face. Want to know what 5 Hour Energy does for the normal person, it keeps us in the state of falling back asleep while eating a bowl of soup. I am at the desperate point that I was thinking about asking someone to slap me. Knowing my luck I will pick someone who doesn't look strong but when they do hit me, they knock me out putting me in a coma. I would miss the last 5 years and wouldn't know who was picked to be the bachelor. What am I to do? Is there any way I can Bring Me To Life?