Thursday, January 24, 2013

Solitude Of Nerdom Episode 10

After a one month hiatus, We are back bitches for the 10th installment of the most random show on the net. In this episode, we talk about moving sucks a giant cock. Trash talking is an art form and a special request to all of you listeners. Product based around Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o. A dirty poem from a dirty stick figure. A debate on who would win in a fight between the Justice League and The Avengers. The return of your favorite Awkward superhero, Awkward Batman. Plus, the news that didn't make the news that should have been News complete with a guy shitting and masturbating in a strangers house. Kick back, relax and listen. If you are on a mobile device and want to listen click DOWNLOAD or search for us on iTunes under Solitude of Nerdom.