Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 7s

This Sunday is a day many Americans get together, get drunk, enjoy some good food and watch the biggest sporting spectacle. The Super Bowl. This year's big event is between The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. It looks to be a great game as brother takes on brother but not all Super Bowls are a good game. Some of these games are down right forgettable. Today, we are looking at the Top 7 Worst Super Bowls Since 1990. We take a look at scores, entertainment value and how memorable each game is. We have thought about how well the casual fan will remember the game.

#7. The Denver Broncos won the AFC by defeating Pittsburgh and Cleveland to get to the show. Their opponents were the NFC Champion 49ers. That is why coming in at Number 7 is Super Bowl 24. New Orleans played host to the biggest blowout in the history of the Super Bowl. San Francisco came into this game looking to repeat as champions and they did not disappoint. Joe Montana threw for 297 yards and a record 5 touchdowns. His main target in that game was fellow Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, who caught 7 passes for 148 yards and three touchdowns. This game is only known for the records that were broken in this one. The 49ers defense held the Broncos to only 167 total yards. A game remembered by 49er fans, a game to forget for Bronco fans, and a game that the casual fan couldn't really get into.

#6. The 49ers also take the number 6 spot. Just 5 years later San Fran would make the big dance again. This time the quarterback was Steve Young but he still had a very big piece to the Super Bowl winning teams of the 80s. Jerry Rice. They lead the charge (No pun intended) into Super Bowl 29 to take on a fellow Cali team, the San Diego Chargers. From the opening whistle to the last whistle it was 49ers. Coming out in the first quarter to take a 14-0 nothing lead. They continued the rout scoring 14 points in the first, second, and third quarters. San Diego had no match for the 49ers and fell in one of the worst games since 1990. The 49ers took the game 49-26.

#5. San Diego played host of the game coming in at number 5. Jon Gruden was one of the top coaches in the NFL at the time and gave Oakland a winning record. Not many coaches can say that since 1990. A trade was made that featured Gruden going to  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He took the Bucs to the Super Bowl, standing on the opposite sideline was the team that he formerly coached, the Oakland Raiders. No one expected this game to be a high scoring one since both teams were built on their defenses but we were mistaken. Super Bowl 37 was a complete bust. The score might have been 48-21 but that was as close as that game actually was to get. This game was a complete blood bath for the Bucs but very forgettable for the average fan.

#4. John Elway had just won his first ring to cement his legacy as one of the best Quarterbacks of all time. He led the Denver Broncos to a 14-2 record for the 1998 season. It was a given that the Broncos would make the big game again. The underdogs in this match-up came from the dirty south. The Atlanta Falcons swept the NFL by storm and become somewhat of a fan favorite with a certain dance called The Dirty Bird. Super Bowl 33 was the stage that these two teams would battle on. The odds were in the Broncos favor and it wasn't even close. The Broncos won 34-19 with John Elway being named MVP of the big game. A great game for Denver fans, a horrible game for Atlanta fans and a blah game for the casual fan.

#3. Rematches are something special in the world of sports. Take the two games between the Patriots and Giants. The Pats have the lead going into the last quarter only to lose by two amazing plays. It is part of the game. Rematches are usually highly watched cause the outcome could go either way. However, in this case it was the worst rematch anyone could ask for. Super Bowl 27 was the Dallas Cowboys beating down the Buffalo Bills. The next year, Super Bowl 28 aka The Boring Rematch. Dallas made it back to the big dance and so did the Bills for the 4th year in a row. Something was in the air and it was the Cowboys beating down the Bills again. This time the score was 30-13. Even with Buffalo being up at the half we all knew that Dallas was going to win. The second half was hard to watch. That is why this game comes in at number 3.

#2. What can I say about Super Bowl 35? Do any of you remember who played in Super Bowl 35? It was one of the worst games in Super Bowl history. The number 1 defense in the league made it tot he dance as defense wins you championships. The Baltimore Ravens who finished the year 12-4 were to square off against the New York (Football) Giants who were also 12-4. The Giants were underdogs in this game and no expected it to be a Baltimore runaway that ended with a 34-7 win. The Giants didn't even really show up to play. To prove how good Baltimore's D was that year and especially on that night, the only touchdown the Giants scored was on a kick return. However, this was not the worst Super Bowl since 1990.

#1. Any time an event hits a number that is divisible by 10 it becomes just a little bit more special. The stage was set. It was the motor city of Detroit. Ford Field played host to Super Bowl 40. The AFC was represented by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NFC was represented by the Seattle Seahawks. The big story going into this game was that it was being billed as the last game Jerome Bettis was going to play in his career. He grew up in the Detroit area. If that doesn't seem like, Pitt was going to win on that night, I don't know what was. The play of the game was the botched call by the refs when they said that Roethlisberger had Broke the plain. Clearly the replay showed that he didn't but the refs didn't see it that way. The Steelers won that game 21-10 and it comes in at our number one spot.

That wraps up this edition of The 7s. Let's hope the Ravens and 49ers do not make this list. Stay tuned for the first edition of 4 Downs where we will talk about the best Super Bowls.


Anonymous said...

Love how SBXL still gets press from the conspiracy theorists. By the way, you only have to BREAK the plane of the goalline, not cross it....

Richard Pruitt said...

If he scored or not, it was a very boring game. I don't remember anything from that game personally except that call. I would put money on it that he was down short of the goal.However, I was pulling for Pitt in that game. I can't stand the Seahawks dating back to the time when they were in the AFC West.