Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Dating Diva

I love helping people. My phone rings at all times of the night with people talking with me about their problems in relationships. I love doing it for my friends so I thought it would be nice to help out more people. I am here to answer your questions about dating and relationships. I know you want some answers to your questions so here we go.

Dear Whitney,
 At the club, what signs will show that a guy is just interested to get a girl in bed, and not interested in getting to know her as a person and possibly getting a date down the road?

It is hard to meet a guy with integrity in a bar setting. No one wants to bring a drunk home to mom. You can tell if a guy wants a one night stand is by how is he acting. If a guy comes up to you and is with a group of friends, he is more likely to be a good guy than a guy who is there alone. More than likely you are not the first girl he has tried to have the one night fling with. Just be careful and keep your guard up to a point when in a bar.

Dear Whitney,
MY boyfriend and I have sex pretty much every day. Sometimes even twice a day, once in the morning once at night. I was just wondering is this too much sex to be having, is it unhealthy or something?

I think that there are men and women out there who wish they had the sex life that your boyfriend and you have. You can never have too much of a good thing, if you are both enjoying it then what is it hurting. Keep on having a happy sex life.

Dear Whitney, 
 Ok so, my girlfriend told me she wasn't feeling too well, mentally, so I called her and she was telling me all these things about university, parents, life, .... . It wasn't too bad, but she was pretty upset, as many of you know things like that happen. Now, I'm good at listening and calming people down... But I made a joke about something we joked about before! She got really upset and called me names etc... So I got mad and didn't tell her that it was a joke, because I was too busy being mad. I apologized for this last part because I know it wasn't the thing to do when she's upset, but she won't forgive me? She just won't? We have a VERY strong relationship and love each other very much, but we have pride issues. Explain to me, why won't she forgive me? I did it to make her laugh, as a pivot, since it worked before I didn't see the harm in it.

I think that if you want things to work out both of you will need to swallow your pride. It may not have been an offensive joke but anyone going through a rough patch does not like to joke. I think that the two of you need to take some time apart. Let it rest for a few days and when cooler heads prevail see if the two of you can work it out.

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