Saturday, January 26, 2013

What Gets My Goat

Females are creatures of beauty and wonder. They are enticing, mysterious, and goddesses walking among us. The female counterpart to us is powerful and formidable with their ability to argue and make us bend over backwards for them. Their natural beauty is irresistible, and if we are lucky enough we get to call one of them our own and grow old with them. They deserve the most genuine and highest respect, they should be damn near worshipped (anyone that has ever their heart truly taken by them knows what I mean)

Damn it, You know what really gets my goat? Girls get so pissed at people when the first thought that pops into our minds is something sexual. Now I know that is only natural but damn, can you really blame us? As a society the female persuasion of the human race is marketed as something strictly sexual. Who's fault is it? Male or female? I find the answer is both.

Men and women alike are always trying to find ways to make money, the easiest, most scandalous yet widely accepted by society is to sell your body for sex, sexual promotion of a product, or private personal enjoyment of sexual arousal and pleasure. I get as much satisfaction from the female body as the next person, but come on girls do you really expect to get the respect you deserve when a large amount of females readily sell their bodies and images of their bodies for sexual enjoyment, degradation, and exploitation?

Let me address the guys and girls that are looking for a special someone for a moment. How the hell do you expect to get that "dream girl" that is smart, sexy, independent , and caring when all you do is see them as the sluts, whores, and toys that are shoved in our faces. You can't seriously expect to get the perfect 12oz, medium rare, juicy T-bone steak if you are ordering of the extra value menu where everything is a dollar.

I hate to see good, no great girls get passed over for relationships just because they don't adhere or give into the projected version of what females are made to be in society's strictly sexualized view of the female.

Females are not cars, we should not trade them in for a newer model when the opportunity presents itself.

Another way females are disrespected is treating them like they are your property, news flash! Your significant other is not something that you own but rather a part of you and your self image. I know that last part sounds a tad bit vain but the self image I am referring to is what is inside your heart and soul, the very reason you have friends and attracted your mate.

The other thing that really gets my goat is how it seems that we can beat females into submission. For Christ's sake never, ever hit a female. The people that does this deserve very slow and agonizing torture because honestly it makes you a bigger douche licking dick eater of a bitch than you make them out to be.

I know that females are not the only ones abused for twisted sexual power, dominance, and authority. In all honesty females are pretty ruthless themselves when it comes to this, all the male and female gold-digger, pimps, and abusive fuckers out there need to wake up and realize that one day there is a chance you will get treated the same way, and for that I have no pity for you.

As for me and my girl I tell her every day that I love her, I go out of my to try and make her happy for the simple fact that I do love her. We as a society need to look at ourselves and re-evaluate our definition of love and respect.

As a final word, remember that the lines between love and lust is blurry today, make sure you know where you stand before the societal machine tells you where to stand.