Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hall Of Hotties

There I was sitting on the couch looking through the guide trying to find something to watch. I think I am a little bummed that tonight was the season finale of Buckwild. It takes me back to the days of muddin, getting dirty and all the wild parties. Wait a second, that never happened to me. I was never invited to parties. I was the guy who was sitting at home with his nose in front of the small screen and actually doing my homework. I was a giant nerd. I am technically a giant nerd still but in high school, I was a giant loser. For the love of God, I have no idea whose idea it was to put me in a pair of orange shorts. Even if it was me, I was wondering who in the hell let me out like that. It makes me sad to say that I might still wear those shorts had they not split in the crotch. Being a nerd and graduating high school, I thought my party years would be in college. However, this is the first year I have been able to go to college and I still haven't got to party. I do know where I could go to school. I am wishing I could have gone to Greendale Community College. The number one girl I would have been chasing after like a lonely puppy wagging it's tail to attract a human would be Annie Edison.

To celebrate the return of one of the funniest shows on television, tonight we will induct the woman who plays the sexy nerd on the show Community, Alison Brie. Most of you know this brunette bombshell as the nerd from the show Community with occasional lesbian scenes with her Co star. Any woman who is willing to do a little girl on girl action is worth a million sexy points. Alison is also plays Trudy Campbell on the hit show Mad Men. Alison had a very interesting career before she caught her big break into the world of acting. She was portraying a clown at children's birthday parties. Here is a thought for you. Think about being a single Dad and planning your child's party. You invite a ton of kids and hire a clown. Thinking the clown is going to be a 50 year old guy in makeup. Instead you get Alison Brie to show up. I think that is how a Clown Fetish would be born just out of her sheer hotness. Her portrayal of super nerd Annie is the character I love the most. I wouldn't mind studying her anatomy. I feel like I would get straight F's if you know what I mean. Now, I would like to finish this induction with a moment of dirty Dr. Seuss.

I would Bang her in a box
I would bang her while wearing socks
I would bang her on cam
And I would bang her on top of Green Eggs and Ham.

Alison Brie welcome to an elite group. Welcome to The Hall of Hotties. I usually put something witty and dirty here but I think the poem sums it up.