Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie Review Theater 3000

Ha ha! What a relief! Thanks to Dr. Emmett Brown and an incredibly youthful Michael J. Fox, I was able to temporarily escape the Buzz Kill basement and revisit myself back in 1997.  This fortunate holiday allowed me to stop myself from dating that horrible jerk that broke my heart.  You know who you are.  On the other hand, does he know who he is, considering I didn’t date him now.  Ah, the complications of time travel.  Speaking of broken hearts, my next movie is one for Valentine’s Day.
Are you feeling lost, unloved, or that you’re just a robot mechanically performing your job in this overpopulated mad, mad world?  Then “The Giant Mechanical Man” starring Jenna Fischer, Chris Messina, Malin Akerman, and Topher Grace is for you.  Janice (Fischer) is a 30-something single woman working as a temp, when she is unexpectedly fired after numerous complaints that she was too mediocre.  Confused and money starved she is forced to move in with her happily married sister, Jill (Akerman). So what does a happily married sister think will solve her problems? The answer is marriage of course!  Within minutes of moving in, Jill is quick to set up Janice with Doug Duncan (Grace), the author of “How to have Winning Conversations,” who seems unable to listen and do nothing but talk, literally making him the winner of any conversation.
At the same time, Tim (Messina) is an eccentric street performer, who paints himself silver, walks on stilts, and comes to life as a giant mechanical man.  After getting invited for a news interview, Tim is on cloud nine, when his girlfriend smacks in the face with a dose of reality and leaves him.  He is further disappointed, when the newscaster doesn’t understand his interpretation of his performance of the giant mechanical man being a mirror to how people feel.  However, his words resonate with Janice and she is inevitably drawn to Tim as the giant mechanical man.
A lot of wandering souls out there can relate with this movie, especially amongst economic upheaval, where many of us find ourselves unemployed and struggling with our identities.  Who are you, what are we, where do we fit in?  However, the best line of the movie comes from one of Tim’s friends as she gives thanks to her friends and loved ones.  “It only takes one person to make you feel special, valid, and that you belong.”
Phew! Okay, now that I’m a big ball of mushy love goop, I hope the next movie is a slasher or perhaps an action movie.  Bring on the gore!