Friday, February 01, 2013

Retro Music Video (2/1/13)

Okay ladies and gents its time to get ready for an awesome weekend. It’s nearly the Super Bowl which means one word. PARTY!  If you remember parties in high school, guy or girl you spent hours getting ready. Your best girls are with you the soda is flowing every ounce of makeup you ever owned is sprawled out onto your vanity. The room smells like a French hooker because there’s about twenty different types of perfume wafting through the air. There’s about fifty shades of sweet blue eye shadow all over your eyes Who can get ready without music? Nobody, that’s who. You’re doing your hair and dancing. You’re make-up goes on and you feel like the hottest thing to ever walk out of the damn house. Flash forward to now and you’ve traded that sweet blue eye shadow in for a more neutral color.  But you’re ability to dance is still there. You’re make- up is done your hair is looking super sexy, hell, looking fine. You're smelling good an    and your shirt hugs all your curves. You’re almost ready then there’s that glorious moment where you slip on your favorite pair of “ Holy shit my ass looks good ”  And all you can think is “ I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, my body too bootylicious”