Friday, February 01, 2013

Solitude of Nerdom Episode 11

Ladies and Gentleman, The Solitude of Nerdom was started by former writer Chris Knight and Myself. The show grew to a three person team. Late last year Chris Knight graciously left the show and since Laura and myself have felt that the show was not really ours. I present to you the last edition of The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast. If you think we are going away, We are not. Starting Next week will be debuting with a new show name, the bits that you have come to love and much much more. 2-8-13...ARE YOU READY? Until then listen to our final episode where Laura gets to hear the Super Bowl Shuffle for the first time. We bring up the Wrestlerock Rumble, and we talk about the Super Bowl. If you are on iTunes, search for Solitude of Nerdom or if you are on a mobile device click DOWNLOAD to enjoy this show. Kick back relax and enjoy the last episode Under this name.