Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The 7s

When you think of Valentine's Day, the first thing you think of is Flowers, Chocolate, and really cheesy cards saying that someone is yours. That is all fine and dandy if you are a woman. However, these are gifts that you get a girlfriend but I think one question that is usually asked among women every year is, What Do I Get Him For Valentine's Day? Well, we are here to help. In this installment of The 7s we are going to be telling you what the Top 7 Valentine's Day Gifts For A Guy are.

#7. Let us get started with the gift coming in at the number 7 spot. I think it is one thing to buy yourself some clothing but when a holiday comes, people are going to buy clothes. This is why Number 7 is Men Specific Clothing. I am not talking about getting him a pair of Dockers or something like that. I am talking about actually taking the time to find him some Underwear or maybe a sleek slender tie that screams sex appeal. Underwear is more for that special night of just you and him. Buying a tie will not just make him look better to everyone, but you will want to jump him once see the confidence he will display.

#6. I think the typical male has changed from the beer drinking guy, who works on his car every chance he gets, to the guy who plays video games and drinks energy drinks. One thing that will bring a smile to his face is by getting that game he has been wanting for a long time. Also make sure that you can play as well. It would make for the perfect Valentine's for Nerds. It is a win, win situation He gets to play his game and you won't have to worry that he is not going to be spending Valentine's with anyone else but you.

#5. Music is a window into our soul. Who doesn't love music? Well, for that special man in your life how about getting him something that screams to his gadget and music side? I am thinking an iPod or an MP3 Player. However, you just can't stop there. Take the time to load the device with all of his favorite music. My guess is that he won't be able to quit smiling.

#4. This one is kind of the interesting one and it is not number one for a reason. It is only number 4. Valentine's Day also screams couples either making sweet passionate love or having down right ugly and sweaty hardcore sex. Turning up the heat in the bedroom falls in our middle spot. Name one guy who doesn't like to have sex? After you couldn't come up with an answer for that, here is another one for you. Name one guy who doesn't have a kinky off the wall fantasy? Bondage, Anal, Role Playing, or A threesome, kinky sex can make Valentine's more memorable for any guy.

#3. I think there is an old saying that rings true still to this very day. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach. There is no arguing that from any standpoint. In the three spot, cooking him a romantic meal. Usually it is the guy who takes the girl out to dinner but you can always throw a curve and surprise him. Even better, the two of you could make dinner together and have some awesome quality time. There is nothing in the world that can beat a home cooked meal.

#2. What is that smell? What is in the air? There is no way that can be.... It is always the tried and true. The go to gift on holidays like this. The oh so cliche bottle of cologne. It is a staple of Valentine's market but one that you can not go wrong with. I think many women want their man to smell better than BBQ Chips and AXE. Go with something that appeals to you then he gets it, he is going to wear it and both of you will be happy.

And the Number One Gift Is:

This is going to take some planning by you, you are going to have to go shopping. You are going to have to try on outfit after outfit till you find the perfect one. You purchase that outfit and then on the night of the 14th, you put it on for your special someone. His mouth will hit the floor like the old fox did in those really old cartoons. What am I talking about? Lingerie! Each guy that has been with their girl for a while knows that there is sexual attraction. Why not crank that dial up? It would be the perfect night for you and the perfect night for him as well and who doesn't love a happy ending.

We will be continuing our Valentine's Extravaganza  tonight and all day tomorrow. We will have a new induction into both The Hall of Hunks and Hotties. Whitney will be answering your dating, relationship question in an all new The Dating Diva. If you have any questions for her send them to you will remain anonymous. We also have a new Retro and a new Who'd You Rather for both the men and the women. Spend Valentine's Day with the Staff of The Buzz Kill.