Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Dating Diva

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there. I hope your sweetheart made your day by showing you how much they care. Let us jump right into the questions this week so your Valentine's Day can be just as special.

Dear Whitney, 
Should I invite my boyfriend to my son's breakfast? My son is turning two on Monday and my parents invited his dad. I haven't been with my boyfriend long, only 5 months, but we are very serious, moving in together soon. I haven't spoken to my sons dad since December and I'm to the point where I will be a mature adult for our son. I basically feel since my boyfriend is also in my son's life should be allowed to go to the dinner. What do you think?
Am I wrong?

If your boyfriend treats your son well almost to the fact that he treats your son like he is his own, I see no problem with it at all. It can be very difficult to become very serious with someone when there is a child involved. This will also be a very good test for you as well. It will show you how he will be able to be around your son in a serious situation. This will be a test to see if the two of you can be a family with your son.

Dear Whitney,
I'm in a long distance relationship with a girl fro 4 months now. We can have our good moments but also bad moments where we argue a lot. It comes to the point where she'd tell me it's over despite the fact that I didn't even make her mad, she points all her anger and frustration towards me. I've always forgiven her because I really care for her and when it comes to situations like that I'm quite soft.

So basically we just had another fight, once again which was not started by me, and once again all her anger was blown in my direction over skype. It now comes to the point where she deleted, blocked me on Facebook, blocked and removed me on Skype and left me with the words: "don't ever text or call me again."

Since we had so many fights already I can't tell what to take seriously anymore or what not. We are supposed to meet again in 8 days and I was to pay my plane ticket tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I really don't know what to do in this situation now? :( Should I still pay and visit her after all to talk with her in person, even though that this could lead me into trouble if she really doesn't want to do anything with me anymore as I'd have to find a hotel to stay.

Please give me your honest opinion :( I really need it.

This is a very tough situation for anyone to be in. Long Distant Relationships are tough and can put a lot of strain on each other. I think this might not be the answer you really want to hear but I believe it is time to call it quits. Fighting that much is not healthy and the fact you never see each other and are still fighting is not good. She seems like there is stuff that she is not telling you or trying to find an easier way for her to  get out without completely destroying you emotionally.

Dear Whitney, 
I am going on a blind date tomorrow night. We have mutual friends but have never met each other. I recently added him on Facebook and we have been talking here and there. I feel like I have already gotten what I normally would've on the first date (basic info, type of personality, etc.) We get along really well and have similar personalities.
I have never been on a blind date before. I was just divorced in August (2012) and I have two young daughters (10 months and 2.5 yrs). One of my guy friends said this guy is probably just looking for sex and that most guys would assume that since I have kids, that I'm easy. Is this true?  

Not at all. Most guys if they are a good guy, will never think like that. If he is still willing to meet you, he knows that it is a package deal. You can't have the fact that you were married be held against you. I would go on the date and enjoy it. Who knows, he might be Mr. Right

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