Monday, February 04, 2013

Who'd You Rather?

I know that many of you have played the game of Who Would You Rather? Sometimes it is between two sexy celebs or it is a case of two people that in a million years you would never even consider putting your disco stick in or having a person in you. Out of a case of laziness and a bout with the devil known as the flu, we are going to start playing Who'd You Rather with a bigger group of people, all of you. In our first edition we have a match-up that will live up to the epic billing of a main event of dirtiness.

In one corner we have America's sweetheart. You know her from the Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore show. Her career was rejuvenated after a Super Bowl AD for Snickers. We have the talented and the very sexy elderly, Betty White.

In the other corner we have a woman who epitomizes the word "Southern." She drenches everything with the melted goodness of butter. She hosts her own show on the Food Network, the very buttery delight, Paula Deen.
The Golden Girl VS The Golden Fryer

  • Betty White
  • Paula Deen
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