Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who'd You Rather?

Being that it is Valentine's Day or almost to it, depending on when you look at this. I thought it would be a good time for our next Who'd You Rather Match Up. The last time all of you played our fine game it was a match up for the ages with The Golden Fryer taking on the Golden Girl. Paula Deen came out victorious in that battle. Since we have a holiday that makes a lot of people sad, I had the idea to create two match ups. One for the men to enjoy and the other for the women to enjoy. Well, women you are up first. Men your turn will be tomorrow. Vote for which one you would play Bedroom Hockey with.

Our first contender hails from Spring, Texas. You can see this gentleman on the USA network where he plays an ex con helping out the FBI. Nothing better than a man in a suit with a skinny tie. You can also see him in the hit movie that made women everywhere change their panties after seeing, He is Matt Bomer.


In the other corner, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, You can see this man making you laugh and always being the ladies man in a group of friends in New York City. He can sing, He Can Dance, He can do magic, he can act and I am guessing with all those talents, he can do your taxes. He is Neil Patrick Harris.

This Matchup is The Gay Man Who Plays Straight Ladies Man on TV VS. The Gay Man Who Plays a Straight Ladies Man On TV


~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

I'd rather just be in a sandwich with both of them.. its totally ok with me if they touch each other too... is that too much?