Saturday, April 20, 2013

Funny Ass Video 4:20 Edition

Today is the day. Put the Bob Marley on the stereo or I guess for you more modern stoners, have him cued up on the Spotify. Put the Spongebob Squarepants on the television, not for the kids to watch. Oh no no no. This is not their day, this is our day. Get an abundant amount of Beef Jerky and chocolate pudding, Grab some buds and why the hell not, no one likes to smoke alone grab some friends too and celebrate 4:20!!!! Each year here at The Buzz Kill, we celebrate 4:20 and this year is not going to be any different. We have the biggest lineup that we have ever had, Hunks, Hotties, A list, and to top off the bong of crazy, the return of The Buzz Kill Live. Plus we have a special in the The Buzz Kill Blog Store, we are selling our It's 4:20 Somewhere shirt for the low price of $14.20. Just click the shirts on the side to take you to the store.

But up first on our smoking Mary Jane fun is something that will make you laugh. We are kicking this party off with a Funny Ass Video. There is one select group of people in the last few years that you get to hear about smoking. This group is the men that have run this country, I am talking about The Presidents of the United States of America. Just like any college student of their time, these men picked up some weed and got to be some silly bitches. Couldn't you see Bill Clinton getting high and laughing each time his wife tried on a pant suit? I know I would. I found this video on Jest and it would be what would happen if all the presidents sat around and shared a blunt. Here is what would happen if all The Presidents Were To Get High!!!