Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hall of Hunks

Wellllllllllllllllll……… you can learn a lot of things from the flowers especially in the month of June. Focus Laura, focus. You are not in Wonderland. Or maybe you are it’s so bright and pretty. Okay, time to get serious. If all I can think about is Wonderland and hot men that can only mean two things: one, its 4/20 and two its time for the next Hall of Hunks.  Well ladies not even going to lie one of the sexiest things about a man is his sense of humor. Next is scruffy facial hair, and then finally a not so skinny man. I can’t hug a man I feel like I’m going to break… it’s not even fun. As I have begun searching for this magical mystery man just before all hope was lost I found him… and let’s just say my boyfriend better watch out.  Ladies…… I give you the next induction into the Hall of Hunks for this glorious holiday.       Seth Rogen.  
Seth Rogen is the total package. I mean he’s cute, he’s funny/ He’s nerdy, he has a beard and he “celebrates 4/20 what more could you want. His eyes are gorgeous even when they’re bloodshot from long nights of ummm…. Celebrating yes…. Celebrating that’s the world.  Let’s just say I will be his munchies food anytime he wants. I mean the man got his start on Freaks and Geeks and to this day he can make me laugh so hard I nearly pee myself. On top of all that he’s super smart. Maybe I can be like Katherine Hiegl and he can knock me up. Oh a girl can only dream. Wait, according to one of his movies he’s only slept with two and half women. Maybe I have slept with Seth Rogen. After all, I am pretty dreamy and I’m tiny so technically I could pass for half a person. Gah, he’s so dreamy I’m drooling and it's not because I’m surrounded by Cheetos and Pringles its all his fault. Those glasses, that facial hair yummy…… He’s about the hottest thing a girl could ask for. And Seth if you ever read this I promise if you’ll share the Pineapple Express just once I’ll change your number to three anytime you want, anywhere you want. Even if it means you’re driving down the road with your foot hanging out the windshield.