Thursday, April 18, 2013

Retro Music Video 4/18/13

Last night, I decided to sit around and have some half ass terrible pizza hut and discuss old country music with family. As we sat around eating a pizza that was as greasy as unwashed hair, and tasted like it was run through a washing machine a couple of times. If I would have to pick a detergent, my guess would have been Xtra. The only detergent that college students and website writers can buy. We started talking about songs in the country that reminded us of the 90s. Kind of weird to think about all these songs that have slipped the memory but somehow but the grace of God and in some instances Satan, we would know all the words to all these songs. I would never think that I would know all the words to a Pam Tillis song or the fact that if you were to say the name SheDiasy, I would squeal with joy. Country music just isn't the same anymore. You can have your Taylor Swift's and Hunter Hayes and that one guy who loves you this big. Give me Alabama, Patty Loveless, the greatest of all time, Joe Diffie and the band that is representing today's Retro Video. It's hard finding a girl that likes this side of me but I can tell you one thing.... Some Girls Do.