Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 7's

In 1991, Nickelodeon, the only network for kids if you don’t the Disney Channel and any other kids network that I am completely forgetting, launched their own cartoons. The moniker Nick used at the time was,”These aren’t cartoons! These are Nicktoons.” From that moment on anybody that grew up in the 90s would be hooked on the cartoons that would define a generation. In this edition of The 7’s we are going to be counting down the Top 7 Nicktoons of all time. Have any guesses what number one could be?

We start off this countdown with the Honorable Mentions. Nick has had many cartoons come and go some of these Nicktoons we would like to forget, case in example, does anyone really remember Pelswick? I didn't think so. For a Nicktoon to make this list it had to make people remember what time it was on, have a huge cult following to this day, and number of episodes. One of the Nicktoons that did not make the cut was Doug. The Nicktoon was about your average kid Doug Funnie and the crazy times he had in the town of Bluffington. The reason that Doug couldn't break the top 7 was the fact the show was sold to the Disney Network which really hurt the run of the show. The Angry Beavers, Ahh!! Real Monsters and Hey Arnold also just missed making the cut against all the other Nicktoons. The 4 Nicktoons listed in the honorable mention still get love to this day but they pale in comparison to The Top 7!!!

#7. We start off this countdown following the life of a mild mannered cat and a mischievous fun loving dog. These two were living under the same roof as a Mouse with an awesome Brooklyn accent. However, the shows creator thought it would be even better to make the dog and the cat joined at, you know I don't think we ever really learned what kept them together but it made some ensuing hilarity. Coming in at Number 7 is  CatDog.  This Nicktoon would debut on April 4th, 1998 to a fanfare from teens and children but hated by many critics. They felt the show was too rough around the edges for kids by not providing the role models that kids needed. CatDog lasted 4 seasons which isn't too bad for a cartoon when it is geared towards children that usually have the attention span of a kitten.

#6. Timmy is just an average kid that no one understands, Mom and Dad And Vicky always giving him commands. This is all changed the day he was granted the privilege to have Fairy Godparents. The Fairly OddParents come in at Number 6. This is one of the longest running Nicktoons at over 10 years. The Fairly OddParents is a little different when it comes to how the show actually got on Nick. It was originally a short of the short lived Oh! Yeah Cartoons!!! The show follows 10 year old Timmy Turner. His life is not the best. His parents are hardly there and they hire an evil baby sitter who tortures Timmy. All of a sudden he is granted Fairy GodParents and the rest is history. Personal opinion, Cosmo might be one of the funniest characters in the history of cartoons. He can make any serious situation become light at the shake of a wand. Getting on the list might be the work of....... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!! 

#5. We go back to the year 1991. August 11th to be exact. Energy was sweeping through the Richard household as it was the day new cartoons debuted. I sat down in front of the television and just watched Doug. I was all excited for cartoon number two. A group of babies that are curious and get into mischief any chance they get. The Rugrats are the Number 5 all time greatest Nicktoon. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil made it cool to laugh with babies as they saw the world in a different light than we did. I always wondered however, how the parents weren't arrested or had the kids taken away because lack of child care. They always seemed to go missing in every show but I digress. The gangs biggest challenge came from Tommy's cousin Angelica, the spoiled brat. The Rugrats are one of the few cartoons in history that not had one but three major motion pictures. The Rugrats is the second longest running Nicktoon but nothing will be able to topple Reptar!!!

#4. The Nicktoon coming in at the Number 4 spot has one of the biggest cult followings in cartoon history not just with Nicktoons. You can find merchandise anywhere in your local mall where a little robot dressed like a little dog. Invader Zim hit the airwaves in 2001 and was cancelled just a year later. Which is sad because out of all the Nicktoons this one had the best writing. It could make you laugh at any given time. The show follows an alien named Zim whose mission is trying to take over Earth after the Tallest sent them to what they believed to be the biggest joke planet. He is accompanied by his companion named GIR, a robot that is not the most intelligent. He disguises himself as a kid in school when he gets to earth. Dib is obsessed with the paranormal and aliens so when he meets Zim he knew something was off. This show was short lived but you can find fans anywhere across the country singing The Doom Song

#3. Back to date of August 11th, 1991. Nick didn't air just two shows that day but they debuted three. The third in the block was based around a cat and a dog who lived together and loved powered toast, The Muddy Mud Skipper Show, and LOG. Coming in at number 3 is the iconic Ren & Stimpy.Ren was a smart dog and Stimpy was the happy go lucky dim wit. It made for the perfect pairing for kids to enjoy across the planet. It was the most controversial cartoon to ever be aired by Nickelodeon and still is. The show was ahead of it's time for the humor it was showing. The show might have been geared towards kids but adults loved it too. It has been said that this is the show that paved the way for cartoons like, Beavis and Butthead, South Park. Still quoted by adults and kids today, this show will always live on. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

#2. Oh, Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? Well, it is the Nicktoon coming in at Number 2 on the countdown. SpongeBob Squarepants debuted in 1999 and has not looked back since. The show follows a little yellow Sponge named Spongebob who lives in the town of Bikini Bottom and works at a fast food joint called The Krusty Krab. If that isn't a horrible sexual innuendo, I will eat a hat. He is joined a lot by his not so intelligent friend Patrick. This starfish just loves being a moron and we love watching it. There are a lot of unanswered questions with this cartoon in my opinion but that hasn't stopped it as being the longest running Nicktoon. I guess the question is how can this be number two? I bet Squidward would jump up and down and throw a fit. However, Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg got his start on another ground breaking Nicktoon. SpongeBob will go down in history as one of the best. 

Who is ready for Number 1??? I'm Ready!!! Please read the I'm Ready in the Spongebob voice. Coming in at Number 1!!!

#1. Stephen Hillenburg got his start on a cartoon that paved the way for his career but it also paved the way for a couple of other heavy hitters. It also launched the career of Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and Dan Povenmire. I am guessing you have no idea who they are but let me tell you a cartoon they created. Phineas and Ferb. This Nicktoon launched three people's careers into the stratosphere. Any guesses? The debut was in 1993. Any ideas yet? The show coming in at our Number 1 spot featured a Wallaby that worked in Kind-of- ALoto Comics. Rocko's Modern Life, was based around a wallaby named Rocko and his life in O-town. Always with his companion pooch Spunky, the show took on a cult following like no other Nicktoon prior. His best friend was a bull that was raised by wolves named Heffer. That is comedy gold!!! His other friend was an anal retentive turtle named Filburt. The show would last four seasons but is one cartoon that pushed the boundary. A kid would not catch the sexual jokes involved but a parent would. The name of the fast food chicken place the gang would frequent was called, The Chokey Chicken. Rocko's Modern Life will always be a classic and have a special place in everyone's heart and that us including The Bigheads!!

That concludes this list!!! If you think I snubbed a Nicktoon let me know or if you have an idea for a list leave us a comment.


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