Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Buzz Kill Live Episode 2

After a hiatus that lasted over two months, The Buzz Kill Live is finally back. When my mom passed away on Feb. 18th we put everything on hold but there is one thing that is music to my ears. We are back jack.  In this edition of the most random show on the net. We celebrate 4:20!!!We play a game using the Riddler Riddles from the 1960s Batman Tv Show, We have some reject products that were endorsed by Kim Kardashian and Kirk Cameron. The return of the Nerd Debate which we talk about Hollywood remakes, This Week in Nerd History, Everyone's favorite awkward Superhero, Awkward Batman, and the Debut of Don't Touch That Dial. If you want to download the show straight to your device, just click the word DOWNLOAD or find us on iTunes. Just kick and listed to Episode 2 of The Buzz Kill Live!!!!


Gary Jackson said...

The worst movie I can think of ever, well two of them are video game movies. Super Mario Bros. movie from the 90's. That movie is quite literately the worst movie ever. The second worst movie I can think of is Mortal Kombat Annihalation, it sucked hairy sweaty donkey ass. Anywho those are to movies that definately need a reboot, fresh start. They could not be hurt in anyway, both series is still alive and kicking in the game world, lets give them a second chance on the silver screen.