Tuesday, April 09, 2013

What Gets My Goat

I'M BACK! I'm sorry it's been so long since my last entry, I have been extremely busy lately.

In the last couple months I have been in the process of moving, fending off car trouble, doing my damndest to keep all the doctor's appointments with my girlfriend, trying to buy all the stuff we need for my daughter (she will be born in June), and of course just trying to survive the daily grind of working. Honestly I wouldn't trade it all for nothing, well maybe a couple million dollars and one carefree year to do whatever I wanted..... On second thought, I definitely wouldn't trade it all for anything.

The closer it gets to my daughter being born the more I find myself becoming more cautious and watchful of everyone around me. The people I pay more attention to lately, well all the time, are the crazy ass drivers on the road nowadays. Which now brings me to the point of this article which is...... Idiot Drivers. Dear Idiot Drivers...Where in the blue, god forsaken, lack of common sense, back wood part of hell did you get your damn license? Honestly, where did you learn to drive, if you learned at all. You drive like you're the only ones on the damn road or a three year old playing Forza Motorsport. You know what really gets my goat, I mean one of at least the top five things on my list of sorry to all the three year olds out there for insulting you, you actually drive better than a lot of the people I see.

I think DMV's everywhere should literately make people pass a course on navigating a shopping cart through Wal-Mart before allowing them to even attempt to take the written part of the test. I have a question for all the "Driving Instructors" in Driver's Ed and at the DMV, that question is..... WHERE YOU FUCKING HIGH WHEN YOU ALLOWED THESE FUCKTARDED MORONS TO PASS THE TEST!?

People obviously can't read speed limit signs, I am pretty sure 95mph is not exactly what the signs stating 65 meant. Speeding is one thing, we all do it to some extent and I have to admit sometimes it is a great rush to see just how fast you can stand it, although it is dangerous and I don't in any way endorse speeding...unless you're running from the cops with three pounds of marijuana in the trunk and a mobile meth lab.

The biggest thing that gets me though is people not using signals when changing lanes or turning, is so damn hard to take one second to flick that little stick up or down? One second to turn on your signal as a common courtesy to all of your fellow drivers isn't too much to ask now is it? Not to mention it is supposed to be illegal to perform all of the activities I have pointed out in this article but damn it, guess what. Go ahead and guess, come on. Cops don't even obey the very laws they are sworn to uphold and they are so inconsistent with the way they uphold these laws.

About a month ago I was stopped on Johnson avenue for improper lane change and speeding, now I become very observant and critical of my own driving when an officer of the law is grabbing my ass going down the road. The officer pulled beside at a red light, it changed to green and I took off, very reasonably I might add, and the officer dropped back by choice. Since I had a long stretch I placed my cruise on 44mph, the speed limit is 45. Needing in the other lane I placed my signal on, sang a line from the song that was playing, and proceeded to merge into the other lane. Suddenly this officer runs up on my ass, basically trying to fuck my tailpipe, and lights me up.

When he approached my window he informed me that I was speeding, doing 52 in a 45 zone and that I improperly changed lanes because I didn't signal for one hundred feet before changing lanes. I word for word said, "Really, are you fucking kidding me? Did you miss the idiot that cut you off as you was speeding up on me, the moron didn't even give a signal when he cut you off officer." I was informed that my attitude was not going to help the situation at all, then he asked if I was aware of the fact that I was speeding. I replied, "Yes sir, speeding along at 44mph. See officer I was using my cruise control." He was not amused and took my license and insurance crap, while writing me a ticket and proceeding to hand it to me I asked, "Sir, if it is not that much of an iconvience could I please see your radar gun to confirm that I was indeed doing 52 instead of 44 like my speedometer said." He went back to his car and wrote me a warning.


Until next time  friends,

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