Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2013 Hall of Hotties Contest

It is that time of the year of again it is time to induct someone into The Hall of Hotties and maybe that someone will be you. Today begins the 2013 Hall of Hotties Contest and this year is going to be huge!!!! So if anyone has ever told you that you are hot or think you are sexy here is chance to prove it and win some amazing prizes. Here are the rules for this years contest.

You must be a female and be 18 years or older.

To enter send your name and a picture to or become a fan of The Buzz Kill Blog on Facebook and shoot us a message there.

The entry period will be from May 1st to June 30th with the finalists being announced on July 4th. 

If you are chosen to be in the Top 10 by our judges, you will make the first ever Hall of Hotties 2014 calendar.

The top three finalists will be placed in a vote where the readers of The Buzz Kill will pick the inductee into the Hall of Hotties.

This years prizes are insane.

3rd prize: A Buzz Kill T-shirt

2nd Prize: A 15 dollar gift card to Bath and Body Works and a Buzz Kill T-shirt.

And the winner will receive $100 on a gift card that can be used anywhere in the world. A $25 gift card to Bath and Body Works.  2 Buzz Kill T-shirts and an induction into one of the most exclusive clubs on the net. You name will be said in the same breath as Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, and Mila Kunis.

This is your chance to prove top the world just how beautiful you are and if you do not believe just ask last year's winner Carolyn. As she became the first regular girl to be inducted into The Hall of Hotties. You can check out her induction by clicking HERE