Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diary Of A Nerdy Chick

Hello fellow nerds, it has officially been entirely too long since I have written anything. However, do not fear I am alive and back with a vengeance every nerd will love.  Let's see what's been going on with me? Well I spend countless hours working now which means at the present moment I have less time for gaming and I kind of have to be an adult now. Okay, who am I kidding. I still game. Me with no gaming is never, I repeat never going to happen. I recently played through the God of War Saga and HOLY CHAINS OF OLYMPUS KRATOS! I forgot how much I love that series, my ability to play it for days on end while covered in potato chips and pizza all the while lacking pants should prove my endless loyalty. However, I lost count of how many times that game royally pissed me off to the point where I felt like throwing the controller through a dang wall. It was probably close to a million. I love those games, the graphics are stunning, the story is well thought out. The puzzles really make you think. I spent about an hour in the same part screaming " Well what in freaking Hades am I supposed to do here.  For a bit there the game had schooled me. I was no longer screaming obscenities about how awesome I was. I was slowly becoming Squidward from Spongebob during that episode where he just goes stark raving mad from trying so hard to do a better job than Spongebob at work. Yeah, I just made a Spongebob reference, I realize this, and yet. I'm still an adult. I finally beat the game and then proceeded to tell the game to suck it. Then it happened. I saw a trailer for Ascension again. Instantly hooked. Forget how mad I just got, or how stupid I just felt. I finished it and now I NEED THAT. I'm now convinced games are laced with some kind of crack within the packaging that makes you HAVE to buy all DLC for your favorite game.  You don't need DLC for a game but the minute that hits your system the feeling of instant bad-assery is one you can not escape it's just too much, and within five minutes you're not just covered in Cheetos dust, but you have bathed in your own drool. Yeah, that part isn't pleasant, but is quite funny. Speaking of funny things, you know what else is funny. Scaring people. HILARIOUS. We all know the ever popular paranormal activity series, well I convinced the boyfriend to watch them. I giggled and sat through it munching on movie snacks. I will admit I might have jumped a few times.  By far the best thing ever is watching your boyfriend jump and check for a wet spot on the couch next to you. Not only that, but every single noise that is normally cats jumping and playing turns into ''WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WAS THAT, HOLD ME" That my loves is absolutely priceless.  Maybe I can video it next time? Oh yes, that's brilliant.  So what did we learn? If you play a game without pants, you're truly committed, pizza is still the best food ever no matter your age, and there is always I repeat ALWAYS time for gaming.

The Nerdiest Girl Alive.


Gary Jackson said...

Haha, I am pretty much jaded on horror movies....they don't make me jump. ahhh but the girlfriend getting the bejesus scared out of her is damn priceless. Oh and the being committed part, just add a bottle to piss in and a microwave and mini fridge beside you and gaming until ur eyes feel as if they will fall out...now that is committment.