Thursday, May 09, 2013

Funny Ass Video

Have you ever had one of those days, where all your friends are over. My guess is that you are all high sitting around in a circle watching Extreme Couponing. By the time it is too late to realize it you cannot find the remote and are stuck in a whirlwind of reality hell. The munchies start to set in. A friend of yours decides to channel his inner genius and suggest the greatest high food in the world. Taco Bell. The food of the Gods when being influenced by a legal or illegal substance. You tell everyone that a run Taco Bell in now on the plans. Everyone heads out to your car. You sit down in the driver's seat and reach into your pocket and your keys are nowhere to be found. A little panic turns into full on craziness when your keys are nowhere to be found. Your friends are laughing at you and your keys are nowhere to found. Does this sound like the story of your life? Well, the funny guys over at Extremely Decent Films have a song about losing your keys. If this sounds like you sit back and have a good giggle at your own expense of course.