Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hall Of Hotties

This will not be a surprise to anyone, at least I do not think so, but my giant nerd thing is that I am a fan of pro wrestling. I know what you are thinking, but it is scripted, it is all fake... The usual stuff that non fans would say. My argument to combat those thoughts is, well the movie you are watching is just for entertainment, the reality show you are watching is for entertainment, so why are you complaining about what I choose for entertainment? It is the truth. To be an actor, you do not have to go to acting school to be thrown into a movie or tv show. However, to be a wrestler, you have to train, eat your vitamins and say your prayers. I think someone else said that before me. If I could only put my finger on it.... Brother!!!! About two months ago, my girlfriend and I attended a televised wrestling event. I can now write that off my bucket list. I have a simple but a weird bucket list. Please do not judge me. We bought tickets to see Impact Wrestling live. I know a lot of you reading this are wondering what the hell is that? Every Thursday night on Spike TV, you can view Impact. The main reason that I wanted to go was to get to see two guys that I may never get a chance to see live again. A wrestler by the name of Sting and the one and only Hulk Hogan. I know all of you know who Hulk Hogan is, so it was a must buy. I grew up watching these two guys on my television week in and week out. After a certain point you almost think they are part of your family. I know what you are thinking. I know Hogan is older than he was and man boobs might have a little sag but what in the blue hell does this have to do with the Hall Of Hotties. I am getting there. For years, women have been part of the wrestling world. They are athletic eye candy. On this night one of these women caught my eyes and I have developed on hell of a crush on this Impact Wrestling Knockout.

Taryn Terrell is a 27 professional wrestler/stunt woman. If you don't think this blonde bombshell can put a hurting on your ass, your ass will be sorely mistaken. Speaking of ass, she has the best ass in all of wrestling.  She grew up as an athlete. She was the girl next door, who was a cheerleader, and the girl you would fantasize over while watching her come up from the pool. One d
ay her life was changed forever when one of her best friends invited her to a pro wrestling event. She was sitting front row. After that night Taryn knew what her life was going to be. She wanted to get down and dirty with some women.... In a wrestling ring. Get your mind out of the gutter readers.

In the year of 2007, Taryn appeared in a not so famous magazine. I am not sure about any of you have heard it or not. The magazine is called Playboy. I am now guessing that most of the men reading this just typed Taryn Terrel Playboy in the Google Image Search. I have never typed it into Google, I BINGed it. She went on from the world of Playboy to dating the former Fresh Prince star and the guy who does the "Carlton" better than anyone, Alfonso Riberio.

In the same year, Taryn tried out of the WWE Diva Search. This is where WWE would hold an open audition for women to see if they had what it took to be WWE Divas. Taryn was eliminated fourth but the WWE saw a very bright future in the very beautiful Taryn. She was signed to a contract in the year 2008 and her life has not been the same since. She was a general manager on ECW which aired on SyFy. I am still sad I never got to see the guy from Quantum Leap take on Doctor Who. She appeared under the name Tiffany. Am I the only who thinks that was a dumb idea? How awesome is the name Taryn anyway? It sure as hell is better than Tiffany.   She was kind of lost in the shuffle in WWE. I do not know how to put this oh so softly, one too many boob to care about. Eventually WWE let her go but she found a new home.

In 2012 Taryn showed up on Impact Wrestling as the referee of the Knockouts division. She was the rule caller and I would gladly enjoy more pictures of her in pinstripes. This past March she made her in ring debut at the show, I was at actually. Her career is just taking off and she is a name that we will be hearing more of in not just the world of professional wrestling.

She is also a stunt woman. She worked on the movie Now You See Me, which is in theaters next weekend. She also had her acting debut in the comedy the Campaign as Janette. She is also making a name for herself off the screen as well. She is a student at the University of New Orleans majoring in marketing. She also is the Co leader of a volunteer mission group called Hope Children's Home that provides love and time to children that have been neglected, abused, and discarded. Terrell is a founder of a volunteer mission foundation called Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. How can you hate someone this hot and does all this charity work? Face it you can't. Do you see that ass? Screw the best in wrestling, maybe on the best in the world!!!!

We would like to welcome Miss Taryn Terrell to Hall Of Hotties. Taryn if you read this, I am begging you, please put roll me up with a schoolgirl pin. That is all I ask.