Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hall Of Hunks

Okay,  here we are with another beloved Hall of Hunks, which can only mean one thing. Back off guys, this one is for the ladies. Speaking of ladies if you haven’t already, enter our Hall of Hotties contest.  We have some really great prizes in store. I mean, really over a hundred dollars worth of stuff.  Use the money to make yourself even hotter. Visit the sidebar of the website for all the exclusive details and entry requirements. Anyone can win! 

 But, now onto our hunky prize for the day.  When a girl thinks of a hot guy, she not only thinks about his hair and eyes, but what kind of person he is. Nothing is better than a strong man that has a sweet, protective, and caring side right. I mean that’s just all around sexy. Now, let’s throw in blue eyes, blonde hair, a scruffy face and the ability to shoot a firearm. Total package right? Ladies I give you, Max Theirot.  Max Theriot is out of this world hot, and generally seems like a total sweetheart.  Excuse me while I swoon………  Okay, I feel better, but it’s pretty hot in here isn’t it? Yeah, it’s hot. I hear a cold shower calling my name a little later. Max Theriot is most recently known for his role in the movie House at the End of the Street as well as his newest role playing Dylan Masset in the new hit TV show Bates Motel. If you haven’t checked that out you need to the show has the creepy edge and Max plays an outsider/ half-brother that just reeks of bad-assery. I mean who doesn’t love that hot new guy in town that’s kind of quiet and keeps to himself, but when you piss him off he goes all protective lion man…. So sexy. Max Theriot is a one of a kind man that brings out the drooling hormone in everyone around. I don’t know which is sexier his eyes or his bad boy attitude. Screw it. It’s both. Max Theriot can teach me how to shoot a firearm any time.  Max if you ever read this. I would totally be okay if you would come to my house, and no it’s not at the end of the street. No, you won’t be scared you just might have to be able to give CPR. I might swoon myself into a coma at the sight of your eyes. Oh, who am I kidding. I already do that, but seriously if you read this there’s a lovely little lady residing in Arkansas that might need to be graced with your gorgeous presence.