Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Retro Music Video 5/21/13

I want you to take a trip back to your childhood. I want you to go back to the days of pressing Gak in its container so it would make the fart noises that pissed off your parents. I want you to go back to the days that jelly shoes were almost cool. I do not care what era you were from, those things were hideous. I want you to go back to the days that actual music ruled the radio. I am not taking that Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. I have smelt teen spirit and I must say that deodorant is your best friend. I am talking a few years before that. I want you to think back to the days where you would put on your favorite boy band. For the sake of this Retro we will choose, I don't know, New Kids On The Block. You are wearing your ponytail to the side, looking like an extra in a Tiffany video. You run screaming into the living that everyone needs to be quiet. A show was about to commence. I think all of us did this at one time or another but tell me if I am wrong, you would grab a hairbrush and pretend it was a microphone. However, at our age we had about 4 more moves than Jagger. You have the family gathered. Your back is turned, you hit play on the awesome cassette player. Look, I know a lot of you could not get the hang of compact discs just yet. You turn around and fall flat on your face. That is when all of your family that has gathered in the room knew, you had "The Right Stuff"


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