Saturday, May 04, 2013

Retro Music Video 5/4/13

I have had the worst case of writer's block for the longest time. I have been trying to figure out to combat it. I think I have fallen into a small rut. I am not sure how to explain that any better. I can tell you how my day is going to go before I even get up and I am not the happiest about that all. My day starts out like any other day possible.  I wake up, look out the window realize that it is still dark and go back to bed to only wake up at a little after 11. I miss waking up at a normal time. My normal time used to be at 9. The early bird might get the worm but the early bird also goes to bed after the Wheel is off. I feel old when watching that show, it is just that if you watch that show dinner should be at 4:30 and brought home a dinner from the old people haven known as Denny’s. It should also be brought by a younger person that is in scrub pants. After I grace the cats with my presence, which means I will accidentally kick them as they run under my feet. I do not harm cats in anyway; I find them loving, fluffy, and very tasty with barbeque sauce. My morning bathroom trip consists of me misfiring the toilet and possible hitting one of the said cats in the head. A white to yellow cat makes me giggle on the inside and the out. I walk into the living room and look out the door like a paranoid idiot drug dealer every time a car goes. I do not sell drugs on the street corner except NyQuil. I just lie and tell them that they are liquid ecstasy. The mind is a very powerful tool in the war on getting someone high.  I sit on the couch and look blankly into the wall hoping that something will happen. I sit there for about an hour until reality slaps me in the face which is actually the cats getting their revenge and then I work on stuff for the site. It is the same thing every day, the only thing that changes is the clothes and sometimes that may not even happen. I am a dude, get over yourself people. I get tired of the same ole situation.