Saturday, May 18, 2013

What Gets My Goat

I enjoy great blockbuster movies and music as much as the next guy. I don't have a problem giving my hard earned money to the actors, actresses, and music artist that provide me with entertainment. I'm glad they made it to stardom and deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and sacrifices.But DAMN IT! You know what really gets my goat, when they forget where they come from and have a blatant obscure view of the people that put them where they are and obviously the less fortunate. It makes me absolutely sick when I see one of those "Feed the Children" advertisements on TV. Now it makes me sick for two reasons, 1. No kid should ever have to live in those circumstances or conditions. 2. When they are essentially begging the hard working middle class men and women for support when there are people with much more robust bank accounts than us.Not to hate just on celebrities but more appropriately the exclusive tier of Americans known as the one percent. Normally I say my peace, then continuing trying to survive the day to day grind but I was watching FUSE (if you don't know it is kinda like MTV but with less reality bullshit) and a show came on called "The 50 most ridiculously rich people in music".

What really got me was what these "elite" spend their money on. Do they actually try to solve the children starving in third world country's problems..... Hell no. Believe me, I understand why they lavish themselves with expensive homes, jewelry, cars, etc. But does Jennifer Lopez really need to insure her ass for 27 MILLION DOLLARS! J Lo sweetie to be honest I think you was helluva lot hotter back when you played Selena. Why can't you take a quarter of what you pay for that insurance policy and use it to help these kids?

 Next up is Dolly Parton has a six hundred thousand dollar insurance policy for only her...wait for it...her damn tits! Really is your breasts so important that you gotta insure them for three hundred thousand each?

Tom Jones.... Honestly I don't know who the hell this guy is but anyhow he has a 7 million dollar insurance policy on his FUCKING CHEST HAIR! Seriously what the hell!?

Rock legend Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones insured his middle finger for 1.6 million dollars. Well Mr. Richards what a great big fuck you to all the people that could actually use that to feed children or help fund a credible agency that helps families after a massive natural disaster.

Mariah Carey.... Her legs are covered by a policy for a whopping 1BILLION DOLLARS.

Bruce Springsteen has himself covered in the event he gets throat caner, his voice is insured to a tune of 31.2 million.

I could go on and on and on with ridiculous insurance protected celebrities that really doesn't mean a damn thing. Oh, by the way the running total so far is 1.6 billion dollars. Keep in mind this does not include the millions on top of the millions that is spent on multiple 100 thousand plus cars, the multiple houses owned that are worth at the least one million plus. Another thing why in the hell do you need a house on every continent in the world? Not to mention those houses are fully staffed with maids, cooks, groundskeepers year round. Factoring all that in I would guess our total is at least 3 billion dollars.

Since I am on the subject of money and the way it is needlessly blown by people that don't seem to appreciate it, our elected officials are just as bad. They sit in Washington bitchin and crying over ways to "help" the average joe middle class ass busting guy that is barely surviving pay check to pay check but they bitch if they don't get a raise every six months. Honestly if you really wanted to help the country you would surrender a quarter or even an eighth of what you make and reinvest it into the country towards helping to reduce the national debt or as an extra tax "break" for the people that even put your ass in the position to make the money that you so selfishly blow out your ass.

Till next time readers have fun, be safe.