Friday, May 17, 2013


Women who cut off their toes just to fit into their favorite pair of shoes.... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?

Does this make any sense to any of you? It does not make any to me either. What can possess a woman to mutilate her own body to fit into her favorite pair of red pumps. I get having a favorite pair of shoes. I love my pair of Chuck's that feature The Buzz Kill Logo. However, if the time came where the shoes do not fit, the first thing I am going to do and I think any women that has even thought about this, the first thought would be the same. A long time ago in a city far away or possibly 20 minutes from the location you read this, a guy or gal came up with this store that sells, I don't know what they are called. Hold on a Sec. Let me think about this.... What is it that I am trying to think of? If only there was a building that held a bunch of shoes in it at once and that offered a service that when you needed new ones, you could just walk in and purchase them with money.  If only there was such a place!!! Hold the damn phone, there is. Why can't you just get a new pair of favorite shoes? It is not rocket science. Do you really want to go around life with only having four toes? That would be hell to explain at any pool party barbeque you go to in the Summer. Hey why do you only have four toes? Trust me I would be the guy sitting over in the corner laughing at you as much as possible as you explain in a serious face, that you did it to rock that pair of Jimmy Choo's. Let me make a comparison that none of you actually would do unless you have that weird sexual fetish that you have to cut something off. You walk into one of those stores that sells clothes that have some problems with them. A shirt only has one sleeve. You know the places I am talking about. Say you found a pair of gloves that you love. They would look great with any ensemble. You pick them up and look at them. The biggest problem that these gloves have is that there is a thumb and three fingers. If you are a cartoon character they are a perfect fit but you are a human and have 5 digits. Would you cut off a finger to make the gloves fit? I do not think so. This problem is solved so easily, find a new favorite pair of shoes. But if you want to cut off your toe to get into a pair of shoes, send me an email so I can laugh at you.

Ladies, you can win be hot and not have to cut anything off. The way to do that is enter the 2013 Hall Of Hotties Contest. Just look for the Hall Of Hotties Contest entry on the right of the screen. 


Debs Crochet said...

That's one woman who needs to wear a straight jacket instead of shoes.